Saturday, 25 July 2009

Christopher Corr ♥

I absolutely love the work of Christopher Corr, a London born Illustrator. Much of his work is said to be inspired by his travels, in particular to India which was a result of a project with the BBC. To see more of his fine paintings take a peek at his website here: Christopher Corr

Friday, 24 July 2009

Amy Brown Illustration ❆

Amy Brown is probably one of my most favourite illustrators e v e r. Her work has been seen on Amelia's magazine, the Guardian, Supersweet Magazine and Penguin Books. Here are some of my fave pieces:

Take a look at her website here - Amy Brown

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Betsy Walton ♥
I found this illustrator's work on Illustration Mundo and I absolutely love it. A painter and illustrator from Oregon, her work is lovely lovely. Take a peek at her website here, Betsy Walton


First the worst, second the best third the one with the hairy chest..

Welcome to the wonderfully collaged world of Miss Webster, a northern lass who loves her cut outs! Here's some of my fave pieces of all time.

Tina has worked for the Guardian, Kingston University and Scholastic Books. Go take a looksy here: Tina Web

First illustrator that I heart♥ KATE SLATER

"Kate Slate she likes a good fete"

So first up is my housemate and full-time Staffordshirian nurse (tamiflu, grapes and tea bearer) Kate Slater. A talented illustrator and cake maker currently working on her first children's book. Here is my most favourite illustration of hers:

You can find Miss Slater here at

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Welcome to my new blog! ILLUSTRATION IS LOVELY