Friday 27 November 2009

Anke Weckmann

Anke is a fellow graduate of Kington University, who has done some lovely illustrations for people such as the Royal Mail, Guardian,Bitch Magazine and Francis Lincoln. Her illustrations are lovely and whimsical- I particularly love this one here for Stirato Magazine "L is for Ladybeard''.

Here are some more wonderful pieces:
Check out her lovely etsy shop here : Anke's Etsy Shop She has some gorgeous pendants, prints and cards for sale so take a look!
Website: Anke Weckmann

Above images property of Anke Weckmann.

Tuesday 13 October 2009

Stanley Hooper♥

Stanley Hooper is a genius illustrator and "human man" from Brighton UK. He has produced illustrations for many a place including the Guardian,Times, Independant and Waitrose illustrated. You should absolutely take a look at his website here Stanley's Site
you will love it all. Heres some of my favourite illustrations of his:
Above images are by Stanley Hooper.

Monday 5 October 2009

Anneka Tran♥

It's been a while since I blogged, but my next fabulous illustrator is the genius that is Anneka Tran! We met on our art foundation course in the lovely Newcastle, Stoke where she always came up with the most imaginative and kooky stuff! What I love about Anneka's work is the playfulness and fun within her characters, as well as her lovely use of colours. Go take a little look at her website which is Anneka's Website

Here's some of my most favourite pieces!

x x x

All above images belong to Anneka Tran.

Friday 18 September 2009


Next up is Mr Tom Schamp an illustrator from Brussels. Using acrylic paints on cardboard Tom creates lovely detailed and colourful illustration. He has produced work for magazines, childrens book publishers, newspapers and ad agencies. Take a peek at his lovely website here: Tom Schamp site
x x

Above images by Tom Schamp.

Tuesday 8 September 2009

Kate Sutton♥

Kate Sutton is one genius illustrator. Based in the UK Kate has worked for many clients including the wonderful Hello Lucky! the Economist and Cooler Magazine. What I love about her work is the quirky line drawings combined with a lovely colour palette. She also makes plush toys which you can see at her shop here: Kate Sutton Etsy

Take a look at her lovely website here: Kates website

All above illustrations are by Kate Sutton.

Friday 4 September 2009


Mr Scott Balmer is a fantastic illustrator from Scotland who works as a freelance illustrator. Clients include the Guardian, Business Week US and Time Out magazine. I love the characters he creates in his work and his lovely use of colour, as well as his combination of cut paper and delicate line drawings. His work is really fantastic- so go take a peek at his website Scott Balmers' site
Here are some of his pieces I think are awesome

Above illustrations by Scott Balmer.

Thursday 20 August 2009


I absolutely ADORE the illustrations of Kathleen Habbley, here are some of my most favourite pieces. To see more of her work take a peek at her website: Kathleen Habbley

All above work by Kathleen Habbley


Thursday 13 August 2009


Next up on my lovely illustrations blog, is Mr Gilbert Ford genius illustrator from Brooklyn New York. I discovered his work whilst I was in New York and found his great book 'Lots of Fun on the Go'. As you can expect there were hours of fun with it on the plane back. Anyways here are some of his great illustrations, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Images above by Gilbert Ford.

Sunday 9 August 2009


I have just been to see the images33 exhibition at LCC, and the work of Gemma Latimer caught my eye. A graduate of Liverpool University she has worked for the Radio Times, Classic FM and the Irish Times among others. I've posted some of my favourite pieces of hers below.
x x


Gemma Latimer
Above images by Gemma Latimer.

Thursday 6 August 2009

Kate- Isobel Blake/ Paper Owl♥

I recently came across the adorable works of illustrator Kate Isobel Blake and wanted to share the loveliness with you. Here are some of my favourite pieces of hers:

To see more of Kate's work visit her blog at isobelblake.blogspot.comand also her lovely etsy shop here Paper Owl Etsy
Above images by Kate- Isobel Blake

Saturday 25 July 2009

Christopher Corr ♥

I absolutely love the work of Christopher Corr, a London born Illustrator. Much of his work is said to be inspired by his travels, in particular to India which was a result of a project with the BBC. To see more of his fine paintings take a peek at his website here: Christopher Corr

Friday 24 July 2009

Amy Brown Illustration ❆

Amy Brown is probably one of my most favourite illustrators e v e r. Her work has been seen on Amelia's magazine, the Guardian, Supersweet Magazine and Penguin Books. Here are some of my fave pieces:

Take a look at her website here - Amy Brown

x x

Betsy Walton ♥
I found this illustrator's work on Illustration Mundo and I absolutely love it. A painter and illustrator from Oregon, her work is lovely lovely. Take a peek at her website here, Betsy Walton


First the worst, second the best third the one with the hairy chest..

Welcome to the wonderfully collaged world of Miss Webster, a northern lass who loves her cut outs! Here's some of my fave pieces of all time.

Tina has worked for the Guardian, Kingston University and Scholastic Books. Go take a looksy here: Tina Web

First illustrator that I heart♥ KATE SLATER

"Kate Slate she likes a good fete"

So first up is my housemate and full-time Staffordshirian nurse (tamiflu, grapes and tea bearer) Kate Slater. A talented illustrator and cake maker currently working on her first children's book. Here is my most favourite illustration of hers:

You can find Miss Slater here at

x x

Welcome to my new blog! ILLUSTRATION IS LOVELY